Saturday, April 16, 2011

If you think you're having a bad day think again

 I'm sporting a nasty bruise on my hip today thanks to a lightsaber battle I lost at the hands of Darth Child last night. Did he use the force on me? No. Was my lightsaber thrown from my hands? No. How I lost this battle was epic, I fell over the vacuum cleaner. Who leaves out a vacuum cleaner in a Death Star? I am so not a Jedi.


My family was reduced by two this weekend and daughter No. 2 was never happier. Rebekah and Tavish disappeared to two different sleepover parties leaving Heather and me with Bronwyn. It felt like 1998 all over again when we had just one child to look after. I'd forgotten how much easier it was to entertain and feed a single child. Bronwyn loved the undivided attention. Far too often she has to battle with her older brother and sister to be heard. No yelling this weekend though.

If somebody carves the word 'asshole' into the side of your car while it's parked in the driveway that's what I would call a bad day.

If somebody returns and throws silver paint over the hood of your car that's still parked in your driveway that's what I would call another bad day.

If your birch tree gets blown over rendering your front yard a complete disaster I would call that a really awful day.

Believe it or not these things have all happened to my neighbour in the last three weeks. The car problems were a result of a dispute with a former tenant. The birch tree could only be the result of a dispute with God.

Timber! This is what I would call a bad day.

Last summer a water pipe leading to his house sprung a small leak that went undetected for weeks. His yard turned into a bog. He got the leak repaired but in the process must have damaged the root system to the tree.

Last night the wind blew the birch over making a mess of the whole yard. Funny, when asked, not one neighbour could recall hearing the tree fall putting an end to an age old mystery!

The part of the birch over hanging the street has been removed but my neighbour, who shall remain nameless, had to cut that part with a handsaw. Nobody had a chainsaw for him to borrow. It will be interesting how long it takes to him to get this mess cleaned up.

So if you think you're having a bad month, think again. You could be my poor neighbour or worse yet, you could be his tree.

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